High tension in Barcelos at the end of Gil Vicente-Estoril – Liga Bwin

The match ended with pushes in the middle of the field, several arguments and the clear dissatisfaction of Ricardo Soares

It all ended with greetings and hugs, but right after André Narciso’s final whistle, there was a moment of great tension on the pitch at the Estádio Municipal de Barcelos. A cluster of players and coaches with a lot of pushes here and there and some fleeting but very heated discussions, in addition to the clear dissatisfaction of Ricardo Soares, which the coach was keen to clarify when he took his dissatisfaction with the lack clearing time.

“I can reveal what happened at the end because I don’t want to make a big deal out of it, because I even want to make as little noise as possible. I know I should talk or gesture less, but it makes part of my journey I didn’t question André Narciso’s refereeing, I just went to tell him that Gil Vicente is doing everything to have great football, so it didn’t make sense for a match like that, with so many substitutions, only had four minutes of added time”, mentioned the gilista coach, also revealing a brilliance of the FC Porto coach during a meeting of coaches where the useful time of the game was discussed:

“We were coming out of a game against the league leaders where we were playing almost all the time with one less element, but we never used any strategy to stop useful time because I am completely against antigame. Gil Vicente doesn’t waste time, he doesn’t surround the referees or fake penalty kicks, but I agree with Sérgio Conceição when he says that coaching meetings to promote playing time n have no meaning if the referees are not present”.

by Pedro Malaco


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