Ricardo Soares criticizes Estoril’s anti-game and recalls Sérgio Conceição

Statements by Ricardo Soares, coach of Gil Vicente, after the 0-0 draw against Estoril, in the 25th day of the Bwin League.

Game analysis: “I’m very happy with the players, we tried in different ways, but we found a team that didn’t play much. We were like us, we tried everything, with positive football, we created a lot of chances. to score, against a team that organized defensively and rallied there, which he did for a living, but I wish there had been three teams that wanted to play, but there was only one.”

Lack of efficiency: “Clearly two points were lost. Estoril are a difficult team, they play a lot at the back and on the sides, we wanted to win the ball back and it was constantly reaching the goalkeeper, it forced us to spend a lot of energy. We came from a very difficult game in Dragão, in which we played with about 90 minutes less and we only had five days to recover in the final phase, he did not hesitate to follow his game process and he never got angry.”

Protests at the end: “It’s because maybe I should talk less and gesticulate less, but it’s part of the way I communicate. I told the referee that we all want positive football, well played, my players don’t don’t surround the referees, nor do they fake penalties or fouls, I’m trying at all costs to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

Anti-game: “I had several meetings with coaches to end the anti-match once and for all, so that the matches had more minutes. I even think it was Sérgio [Conceição] who, in one of these meetings, said, quite rightly, that these meetings were meaningless without the presence of the referees. Still in the last round, against a great team and with one less, we didn’t do any anti-match or delay. Estoril did what they thought was best, used all the strategies and it worked because they took a point from here. It had its merit. I don’t want to make a case of it, but I told the referee that four minutes [de descontos] no sense.”

Sadness for the tie: “Not winning left us with a certain sadness, because I think we did enough to win, we showed enormous ambition. We will continue to play in any field, against anyone, for the victory , in this game process and this identity.”

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