THE BALL – The message sent by Lampard to the opposing coach before a match (Everton)

Former England international and Chelsea star Frank Lampard took over technical command of Everton, succeeding Rafael Benítez, on January 31 this year.

On February 6, Everton met their next FA Cup opponent, Boreham Wood of the English Fifth Division and, in the face of surprise, the coach of the caramels sent a message to the coach of the opposing team, which they would beat 2-0, congratulating him on achieving the tie.

The message, dated February 7, has now been made public and shows great fair play from Lampard: “Hello Luke, it’s Frank. Just wanted to congratulate you on the result yesterday. From coach to coach, I know what this means to you and that’s why we are doing this! A great achievement for you and for the players. Normally I don’t do this before games, but I just wanted to let you know that I and we as a club will be very welcoming to you when you come to Goodison. Hopefully not so well when the game starts. I look forward to that. Frank.”

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