A young man uses his father’s credit card and spends 5,000 Canadian dollars on the App Store

Here we have written dozens of unusual stories related to the technological world, and today we bring one more to join the vast collection.

So, the situation we are now reporting happened in Canada, where a young woman used her father’s credit card and spent no less than C$5,000 on the App Store.

A young man spends 5,000 Canadian dollars on the App Store

Jerry Marion is a Canadian resident who recently had one of the biggest scares of his life when he saw his credit card bill and had to deal with a huge unexpected expense. The citizen verified several purchases totaling nearly 5,000 Canadian dollars (about 3,600 euros), made through Apple's App Store application store.

According to Jerry, the expenses reached 250 Canadian dollars a day, or nearly 180 euros. In total, the cost was 4,986 Canadian dollars (~3,585 euros).

In turn, the citizen points the finger at this exploit to his daughter, an 18-year-old girl, who became addicted to an iPhone game called Towership and, as a result, started buying various items within the app.

According to information released by the World News, the father even tried to contact Apple twice to request reimbursement for these eccentric expenses, but not all attempts had the desired effect, having been refused by the apple brand. In addition, Playrix Entertainment, the creators of the Township game, were also contacted, but did not respond to the complainant.

Discouraged by this lack of feedback for a possible resolution of the problem, Jerry decided to take the matter to the media. At that point, after the matter became public, Apple relented and refunded the amount in full.

In turn, in an interview, the parent warned of the dangers of paid apps, saying that parents "need to be more aware of where we configure the ability to spend money. I think she [a filha] really understand now that as you go through these addictive cycles, you have to find ways to get out of them.".

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