Blood sugar can be controlled by these foods; check what they are

O high blood sugar in the blood is known as hyperglycemia, in fact, blood sugar exactly represents the blood sugar index. With this, high blood sugar is capable of generating several health problems, including diabetes.

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In 2021, more than 74 million new cases of diabetes were reported among people aged 20 to 79. Brazil ranks 5th among all those with the highest number of patients in the world, behind China, India, the United States and Pakistan. In the country, there are 16.8 million people with diabetes. The disease is characterized by high levels of glucose (sugar) in the blood, which can lead to several serious health problems.

A significant number of Brazilians may also have borderline blood sugar. The image deserves attention because it has the potential to develop into diabetes over time. Therefore, it is necessary to manage the means to control the clues to avoid future inconveniences.

Why does blood sugar rise?

Several factors contribute to the increase in blood sugar. Among them, the main ones are:

  • Inadequate diet rich in sweets and carbohydrates;
  • Obesity and overweight;
  • hormonal dysfunctions;
  • Stress and anxiety;
  • Sedentary lifestyle;
  • Genetic factors.

What are the risks of hyperglycemia?

It should be noted that cases of pre-diabetes are considered insulin resistance. This substance is produced by the pancreas and serves as a conduit for glucose into the cells. Thus, glucose gives more energy to muscle tissue.

However, when there is a buildup of sugars in the body, the pancreas cannot produce all the insulin it needs. This causes glucose to be trapped in the bloodstream. This situation can cause hyperglycemia attacks and also contribute to the appearance of:

  • High pressure;
  • High cholesterol;
  • Heart disease;
  • Stroke;
  • Kidney diseases;
  • Blindness;
  • amputations.

Foods to lower your blood sugar

One of the ways to control blood sugar is to invest in a healthy diet and a frequent exercise routine. Some foods that help tremendously to reduce the risk are:

  • oats;
  • Attorney;
  • Yacon potato;
  • Broccoli and cruciferous vegetables;
  • Lower part of the leg;
  • Beans and similar legumes;
  • flax and chia seeds;
  • Litter;
  • Oil seeds – chestnuts and almonds;
  • Cold water fish.

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