Google Chrome Update 99 makes it harder to block ads

After some speculation, the google Chromium reach version 99. This update didn’t bring any deep changes, but some things are worth noting and commenting on. First, a new way of displaying uploaded downloads has been introduced. You will now have a notice next to the address bar. By clicking on this button, the list of recent downloads will open (very common thing not only in Microsoft Edge, as well as Firefox).

date picker


Chrome app developers will no longer need to modify code to make a date picker available. A native has been implemented and will appear whenever a date is selected. Different styles of selectors will be available.

Ad blocking API

Google has replaced the API used until then, known as webRequest, by the new API chrome.declarativeNetRequest. The great particularity of this change is that by bringing to the development platform Manifesto V3extensions can have, at most, 30 thousand rules – whereas, until then, with the Manifesto V2blockers used around 100 thousand rules. In practice, this will significantly reduce the performance and efficiency of this type of extension.

handwriting recognition

Interesting novelty for those who use the browser with a stylus – youm user style manager. The final version of Handwriting recognition API, tested since beta 91, will be present in the official version 99. It will no longer be necessary to use external platforms for handwriting recognition to be functional – in text input fields. With native web version support, you won’t need to use gboardpresent in smartphones android.

What’s new for iOS users

For those who are in the apple ecosystem, but like the browser offered by Google, you can now visit your favorite sites in an even easier way, by opening a new tab. Apart from this, tracking of desired product price reductions will also be available in this version, and will work as follows: when accessing a shopping site, which features products and their respective prices, as long as the user is logged into their account with Chrome, if there is a discount, you will be able to see the new value if the tab remains open.

What about Chrome 100?

Some developers felt that with the imminent arrival of Chromium 100 (expected by the end of March), the transition to a three-digit number could cause websites to interpret the browser code (string) as simply 00. If this happened, all those who updated the app would lose access. Google said it will provide an integrated solution to its program, avoiding the problem that could harm countless people around the world.


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