LE BALLON – “The play-off is our first objective” (Académica)

Direct and objective. It was José Gomes during his first press conference as Académica coach.

The day after his presentation as new student coach, José Gomes began by explaining the reasons that led him to accept the invitation, this at a time when Briosa finds himself in a very complicated situation in terms of the fight for permanence. . “In football, it works like that, the phone rings at any time… When I received the call from the president, I didn’t even hesitate. I like challenges, the institution is huge and Académica is a story of our football. I firmly believe that with the points that remain to be disputed, we have all the conditions to be able to guarantee the maintenance,” he said.

Although he is the fourth coach of the academicians this season, the former right side is not worried about what is left. His goal, he says, is to improve the mental state of the workgroup. “You can’t escape reality and of course it’s never good for a club to change coaches several times. But what matters is to think about what you can do now and I have to make my players believe like me. My objective, in this short period of time, was on the psychological level, trying to raise the morale of the players. They have already done very good things and that is what we want them to do. to believe that they have quality”, he underlined.

Finally, José Gomes made a brief analysis of what he wants for the last 10 Liga 2 matches and set himself a stated objective: “What I ask of my team is commitment, responsibility and respect for the institution we represent. There are 30 points to win and we are 5 from the play-offs. This is our first objective. Then we will think further”.

We recall that the first match of the new coach of the black capes is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. this Sunday, at FC Porto B. Académica is in last place in the standings, 5 points from SC Covilhã, the opponent they occupy. , at this time, the position that guarantees access to the aforementioned barrage, and already 12 from Trofense, the first team out of danger.

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