Nova Santa Rosa has 116 confirmed cases of dengue

The Health Department of the Municipality of Nova Santa Rosa published this Friday (4) the weekly report of dengue which registers 116 confirmed cases of the disease, 17 confirmed by Lacen and 99 confirmed by private laboratories. The new seasonal period of the disease worries the epidemiological sector of the municipality, which seeks the collaboration of the population to stop a possible dengue fever pandemic in Nova Santa Rosa.

For dengue fever not to exist, the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits dengue fever, must be eliminated. As reported by endemic agents, who are on the streets daily to carry out inspections and educate the population, many outbreaks discovered in recent days have been identified in places where rainwater is collected. Thus, the capture in a cistern must be checked by the Nova-Santa Rosens so that the place is well sealed in order to avoid the proliferation of the mosquito.


DO NOT LEAVE STILL WATER: Destroy the places where the mosquito is born and develops. Avoid their procreation;

GARBAGE INSIDE AND OUTDOOR: Keep garbage cans covered and out of the rain. Close the plastic bag tightly;

PET CONTAINERS: Pet water containers should be thoroughly washed with soap and water at least twice a week;

MINERAL WATER BOTTLE HOLDER: Always wash it when you change it. Keep sealed when not in use;

PLANT VASE DISHES: Keep them clean and add sand to the rim.

REFRIGERATOR WATER COLLECTOR AND AIR CONDITIONING: Behind the refrigerator is a water collector. Wash it once a week, as well as the air conditioning trays;

PLANTS THAT ACCUMULATE WATER: Avoid having bromeliads and other plants that accumulate water, or remove water from the leaves weekly;

TOILET CONTAINERS: Always keep lids closed or seal with plastic. In little-used toilets, flush at least once a week;

EMPTY BUCKETS AND PLANTS: Store in a covered place, mouth side down;

DRAINS: Cover drains with screens or keep them sealed, especially those that are not in use;

BOTTLES: The bottles must be wrapped and thrown in the trash. If stored, they should be covered or upside down;

TILES: Do not allow water to pool on the tiles. Always keep them dry;

GARBAGE, WASTE AND OLD TIRES: Rubble and rubbish should be disposed of properly. Store the tires in a covered place or drill holes so as not to accumulate water;

FACILITATE DISEASE CONTROL: Always allow access to the Zoonosis Control Officer in your residence or business establishment;

These are just a few tips on where the mosquito can breed. Therefore, it is important to be aware of any object that can accumulate water. Always put it in a plastic bag, close it well and throw it in the trash: bottle caps, eggshells, disposable cups and others.

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