Rúben Amorim: “If I didn’t do this management, it would create some mistrust in the group” – Sporting

Sporting beat Arouca this Sunday, to 2-0in a match counting for the 25th round of the Bwin League, in a match where the leonine goals will only come in the second half, and with the double signing of Islam Slimani (46′ and 52′).

Speaking at the end of the game, Rúben Amorim explained why he had made so many changes to the team’s XI when receiving the Arouquense side, saying that if he didn’t “it would create a certain mistrust in the group”.

“It’s the most important game, it was really important, much more than City, we know that they are completely different worlds. If Ugarte played at the start and got injured, it was complicated because “We don’t have central midfielders anymore. Porro came from an injury. It’s important that the others realize that even when the coach is tight, he trusts them because we’ve always done this management. It would be a little weird if we didn’t because it would create some mistrust in the group. They know that everyone counts, said the coach of the lions, in statements to the microphones of Sport TV.

Amorim and Essugo's debut as starters: 'His teammates gave him the ball as if Palhinha or Ugarte were there'

Amorim and Essugo’s debut as starters: ‘His teammates gave him the ball as if Palhinha or Ugarte were there’

Unfair for vinegar or strawberry

“The seven losses are hard to hear. They always responded well, even after wins or draws. It wasn’t so fair even for Vinegar, for Esgaio… Putting them all together. But they always behaved exemplarily. . In the second half we had more chances and it turned out to be a normal win.”

Difficult half-time speech to the players?

“It was the opposite of that, the noise of the stadium after a defeat is complicated, I told them that I had understood before giving it to their heads, at the end of the 1st half they were in too much of a hurry and It was not necessary. Bruaá is normal, I’ve been in this situation before. It was the opposite of harsh talk.”

Today marks two years since he was hired and… election day. Being consensual between the three candidates, how is Amorim’s ego?

“I am fully aware of my role at Sporting. Everything changes quickly. I have the same duration as other coaches to win. I’m happy. We do things well, clearly. But I’m still the same”, he has finished.

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