Twitch announces it will ban streamers who share ‘harmful misinformation’

The streaming platform Tic announced on Thursday (3) that it ban the streamers who often spread false informationpopularly known as Fake News, covering the most varied topics for its viewers.

The company classified these producers as “harmful actors of disinformation”. The platform stressed that the measures will not be applied against streamers who make ad hoc statements containing misinformation, such as reporting by mistake.

“We do not believe individuals who use online services to spread false and harmful information have a place in our community,” the platform said in the statement.

Users can report content producers who are spreading misinformation within the platform by sending an email with the account name and any supporting evidence to

Twitch explained that will adopt three criteria for a streamer to be considered an actor of harmful disinformation and get banned from the platform. Check these settings below:

  • The streamer must constantly share misinformation;
  • Disinformation must be widely refuted and widely shared;
  • Misinformation must cover harmful topics, which include false theories about Covid-19 vaccines and elections, for example.

“We selected these criteria because together they create the greatest risk of harm, including incitement to real-world harm,” Twitch concluded.

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