Xanxerê records new cases of dengue fever and has 7 mosquito-infested neighborhoods

Oversight asks the population to increase care (Picture: Disclosure)

Xanxerê Epidemiological Surveillance has raised the alert with the registration of new cases of dengue fever in recent weeks. According to the agency, in just one month, 4 cases of the disease have been confirmed and there are 42 suspected cases, awaiting the test result.

Of the 4 cases, 3 are autochthonous, that is to say contracted within the municipality itself. The other is imported, contracted in another city.

The neighborhoods with the most Aedes aegypti mosquito outbreaks are Centro, Vista Alegre, Matinho, Colatto, São Romero, Veneza and Tonial, and according to epidemiological surveillance they are already considered infested.

This Friday the 4th there was the application of UBV insecticide, also known as smoke, in the neighborhoods of La Salle, Matinho and São Romero, intended to eliminate the adult mosquito.

“It is important that everyone is attentive to possible breeding sites in their homes, such as gutters, cisterns, water tanks, swimming pools or any container that can accumulate water”, reinforces the coordinator of Epidemiological Surveillance of Xanxere, Caroline Cenzi.

The body advises that in case of headaches, fever, body aches or red spots on the skin, it is necessary to consult a health unit for evaluation. If in doubt, residents can also dial 3441-8591.

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