Benfica FC Porto Hockey Championship


THE Benfica roller hockey teamwith a very successful performance, overtook FC Porto at the Pavilhão Fidelidade, by 4-1, in the classic of the 20th round of the 1st phase of the National Championship.

On the track, the The game started in a rush of anticipationHow? ‘Or’ What Benfica will have more ball possession and bet on longer and more organized attacks, and the FC Porto try to hurt Eagles in quick transitions. Over the minutes, the teams broke free and the opportunities began to appearwith the two goalkeepers: Pedro Henriques (Benfica) and Xavi Malián (FC Porto) showing a good level.

The classic was somewhat related until… 17′ has emerged two goals, one in each goal. I first try for blues and whites. Rafa game, support for Ezequiel Mena who drew the account (0-1). Ball in the center, spherical Carlos Nicholas and Argentinian, from the middle of the street, surprising the whites and the blues for the 1-1. With everything tied again, the Northerners pulled back the defensive line, giving the Eagles more initiative. It was like that, in a collective combination, where Diogo Rafael assisted Gonçalo Pinto for the 2-1 (24 ‘) how did you get to interval.


The first chance in the second half even belonged to Benfica, through Pablo Álvarez, but what we saw next was a FC Porto more pressing and pressing to reach the equalizer. AT Eagles lowered the block again and took advantage of the depth to launch counter-attacks. on the ice rink, The game continued to be played and with a high pace, but the guards are little called upon to intervene. With the game coming to an end, the dragons charged and, with just over 10 minutes to go, Pedro Henriques, with an instinctive defense with his footavoided Xavi Barroso’s celebrations.

To the 39′Diogo Rafael saw a blue card, but on the direct free kick, Pedro Henriques did not allow the goal to Carlo Di Benedetto. To the 41′, two offers that turned the very well-composed stands of the Fidelidade Pavilion upside down. First, Diogo Rafael, isolated, seemed carried by Reinaldo García, but the referees did not signal anything; on the next auction, Direct free kick (10th Eagles free kick) for FC Porto, Pedro Henriques not allowing the Gonçalo Alves festivities. in the next minute, 42′it is the blues and whites who receive the 10th foul, but Xavi Malián saved Carlos Nicolía’s shot.

The classic was electrifying and there was explosion in Inferno da Luz at 43′. FC Porto lost the ball in midfield, Benfica went on the counterattack with a numerical superiority, Carlos Nicolía served Diogo Rafael at 3-1. Leading by two goals, the reds managed time with possession of the ball. The whites and blues tried to restart the match, but Pedro Henriques was still a giant between the posts. One minute from the end (49′), Pablo Alvarez missed a direct free kick, but made the final 4-1 soon after, taking advantage of FC Porto playing without a goalkeeper.

Without knowing defeat for 12 games in the national championship (11 wins and a draw), Benfica now has 43 points in the standings. Next week, Saturday March 12 at 7:00 p.m.there is a derby to play for the Portuguese Cup.



Nuno Resende (Benfica coach): “The secret has been the day-to-day work. There is a huge commitment from everyone: Management, Staff, players. If we go back 12 games, to the classic in Porto, after the initial 3-0, the team took the right path and since then we have been building our identity. We have a lot to work on: the game model, the defensive process… But our identity is the determination, the race, the resilience, the ability to suffer, the collective quality and the fulfillment of each one that has made this team competitive, something that it was not then [clássico com o FC Porto no Dragão Arena]. There are three important points. But it’s step by step. Now is the time to prepare for the derby in another competition [Taça de Portugal]. We have already suffered a lot, we had the pavilion practically empty, today [domingo] it was almost full, in a fantastic atmosphere. The pavilion was fantastic, in Benfica and it was a huge pleasure. That connection and empathy with the fans is worth so much more than the wins.”


Benfica-FC Porto
Loyalty Pavilion
Benfica’s starting lineup
Pedro Henriques, Diogo Rafael, Edu Lamas, Lucas Ordoñez and Gonçalo Pinto
Rodrigo Vieira, Poka, Carlos Nicolía, Pablo Alvarez and Pol Manrubia
on break 2-1
Benfica goals
Carlos Nicolía (17′), Gonçalo Pinto (24′), Diogo Rafael (43′) and Pablo Álvarez (49′)

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