Dengue fever and chikungunya cases increase and Health warns of the need for home care

Vitória da Conquista registered 27 new cases of chikungunya and 13 of dengue in the month of February, according to the monthly epidemiological bulletin on arboviruses from the Center for Endemic Diseases of the Municipal Department of Health (SMS). From January 1 to February 28, 465 suspected case reports were made for the three diseases, with 33 confirmed cases of chikungunya and 21 of dengue fever. There were no confirmed cases of Zika during this time.

According to the endemic diseases coordinator, Eliezer Almeida, an increasing trend has been observed in the number of people infected with one of the three arboviruses – dengue, chikungunya and zika. “There is an indication of an increase in cases in this latest bulletin, it is not something alarming, but it is a warning for us,” Eliezer said. According to him, there have been cases in certain villages, such as Choça, Itapirema and the district of Bate-Pé. “We are intensifying control actions throughout the municipality. However, we also need the support of the population”, underlined the coordinator.

Endemic disease control officers continue to work at an intense pace in all neighborhoods and in the countryside to control infestation rates, identify and treat mosquito outbreaks, in addition to mobilizing the population to ensure that every precaution is taken to avoid stagnant water. sources. Home care is essential for mosquito control and disease prevention.

In the current context of a pandemic, the symptoms of Covid-19 and the disease caused by arboviruses can be confused. And the rains and high temperatures typical of summer are the ideal conditions that the Aedes aegypti mosquito finds to breed, so SMS recommends the population to increase care. Any source of standing water should be avoided in containers and water tanks should be properly sealed.

Another 109 cases were rejected at the laboratory and 302 cases are still awaiting laboratory results of samples sent for analysis to the Central Public Health Laboratory (Lacen), in Salvador.

In case of fever, pain in the whole body, joints or around the eyes and even nosebleeds, look for the nearest health facility to receive care. If you need to file a complaint or request a visit from endemic agents, contact the Endemic Control Center at: (77) 3429-7421.

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