Elden Ring hides a coliseum out of reach of gamers • Eurogamer.com

Will we have arena fights?

Through the use of mods in the PC version of Elden Ring, it was possible to discover a coliseum out of sight and out of reach of players exploring From Software’s new game.

Lance McDonald used a mod that allows him to go beyond the limits of the map and discovered this colosseum, which could be a preview of future additional content on the way to the Elden Ring. The arena looks perfect for multiplayer combat and from duels to battle royale, it can be part of the experience.

As he approached the arena, McDonald was confronted by a hostile invader he had to defeat and this seems to reinforce the idea that the duels are on their way to the Elden Ring. Some of From Software’s previous games include this gameplay element and it looks like it will return.

There’s another coliseum elsewhere on the Elden Ring map, where a jar gives you an optional quest that involves fighting a hostile invader, but access to the arena isn’t unlocked. However, this is yet another strong indicator of a possible player versus player fight in the future.

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