Gran Turismo 7 starts at 1st in the UK •

Triangle Strategy in 7th place.

Gran Turismo 7 managed to start at No. 1 on the list of best-selling physical games in the UK.

While waiting for the full list and the list that includes digital sales, Chris Dring from added that the Polyphony Digital game is the top seller in its opening week.

It’s the fourth new game of 2022 to take the No. 1 and second PS5 title, despite physical sales being 28% lower than those sold by GT Sport when it launched in October 2017.

With the arrival of GT7, Elden Ring gave way and due to a 69% drop in physical unit sales, it took 2nd place, ahead of Pokémon Legends Arceus in 3rd and Horizon Forbidden West in 4th.

Triangle Strategy, the other big news of the week, ranked 7th and sold less than half of what Octopath Traveler sold in July and 20118.

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