Halo Infinite: Local co-op pushed back to Season 2

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Revelations spotlighted Season 2 and Halo Infinite Forge

Halo Infinite: Local co-op pushed back to Season 2
© Reproduction / 343 IndustriesHalo Infinite: Local co-op pushed back to Season 2

THE 343 business sectors revealed an update on what’s to come in the Game Infinite Halowith a focus on news from the season 2which includes the local cooperative mode, in addition to the forge and the season 3 are being developed by the team.

In the note, they commented that the initial focus is on fixing critical bugs and glitches in the game currently, with major issues currently occurring and affecting overall player performance. With this, every week they update the “Hotlist” to see the priorities of the patches and apply them.

As for Season 2, which begins on May 3, it will have a “Lone Wolves” theme, which will have a hunter and tracker theme. Additionally, Season 2 will see the arrival of online co-op and local split-screen co-op, but much more towards the end of Season 2.

Also, it should be remembered that Halo Infinite is available for the platforms Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC. It should be remembered that the multiplayer version is free, but the campaign mode is paid.

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