In three months, Caxias is approaching the dengue mosquito epidemics recorded in 2021

Caxias do Sul reaches the number of dengue mosquito outbreaks of all last year. In just three months, environmental health surveillance recorded 203 breeding sites for Aedes aegypti, almost reaching the 209 outbreaks recorded in 2021.

“We are asking the population to change their behavior by adopting preventive measures at home: keeping windows out of the rain, disposing of tires correctly, covering water tanks. These are simple attitudes that make a big difference against the mosquito. May this care continue one after the other, preventing the disease from reaching your home.warns Sandra Tonet, Technical Director of Environmental Health Surveillance.

With the excessive growth of outbreaks since the beginning of the year, Surveillance continues to carry out awareness-raising actions in the five neighborhoods with the highest number of outbreaks. At Nossa Senhora in Lourdes it will be this Friday (11/03).

In the third month of the year alone, Caxias recorded nearly 50 outbreaks in a single neighborhood. For this reason, the Environmental Surveillance asks the population to watch out for any place where stagnant water could accumulate and to report to Alô Caxias (156) any suspicion of a place with Aedes aegypti, the mosquito which transmits dengue, zika and chikungunya.

Meanwhile, endemic disease control officers carry out periodic surveillance at 225 strategic points, such as garbage dumps, car depots, florists and cemeteries. These are places where there is a high probability of mosquito breeding sites, in addition to the inspections and advice carried out in the houses of the community.

Breakdown by district in 2022:

  • Cruising: 46
  • Pioneer: 36
  • San Jose: 17
  • Our Lady of Lourdes and Tijuca: 14
  • Pius X: 13
  • Santa Catarina: 10
  • Hill of Smiles: 9
  • Saint Lucia Cohab: 7
  • New town: 6
  • Petropolis and São Caetano: 4
  • Marshal Floriano: 3
  • Bela Vista, Charqueadas I, Christ the Redeemer, Esplanade and Sagrada Familia: 2
  • Fiftieth Anniversary, Exhibition, Galópolis, Nossa Senhora de Fátima, Mariani, Presidente Vargas, São Pelegrino, São Leopoldo, Reolon and Vila Romana: 1

Guidelines to prevent overgrowth:

  • Clean pet water tank with weekly brushing
  • Pick up trash from the yard
  • Place bagged garbage to be collected by Codeca
  • Collect used tires and store them in dry places, sheltered from the rain, or send them to the Codeca used tire storage center
  • Cover water tanks
  • Place millimeter screens in uncovered water tanks, rainwater collection tanks and drains
  • clean the gutters
  • Every week, wash and brush the plastic pools, change the water
  • Eliminate vegetable dishes.

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