LE BALLON – “Goal achieved, now I’m training new techniques” (Judo)

“I came with the objective of having good fights, strengthening my judo and feeling better in the big meetings that are coming up. I think I ended up doing what my coach and I [Pedro Soares] we had planned: good fights, feeling tired, going through dangerous situations, but not being afraid of them happening. That was the goal. Everything I wanted came true, mostly good fights,” Jorge Fonseca (-100kg) told A BOLA, after winning the gold medal at the European Open in Prague, beating the Swiss Daniel Eich (33rd in the standings) in just 19 seconds. !

Opponent that the double world champion (3rd) had met in the final of the Portuguese Grand Prix, a month ago. Then fixed things in… 43s. “He’s a nice and humble boy. He’s only 21, he respects me but doesn’t fear me. But I have a specific tactic for him and that makes everything easier. I think in a few years, he will be a great judoka, but he still needs to drink a lot of tea to beat me in these competitions,” added Fonseca who, still on the tatami, held Eich so they could take a picture together with his thumbs. to the top.

During the race organized in Almada, on the World Tour, Jorge collected 700 points for the classification. Now it was 100, less than if he was 7th in a Grand Slam or a Grand Prix.

While the only fight the 29-year-old Fonseca didn’t win by ippon was the semi-final against Serbian Bojan Dosen (wazari), the biggest struggles the Olympic bronze medalist in Tokyo encountered came in the 3rd round. , with the Italian Kwadjo Anani. Withstands 3.06 m. “At first, I was a little tired. I never fell again, I was already starting to get angry with him…”, he gets carried away. “Every time I attacked him I tried very hard not to throw him and I couldn’t, but he never stopped being controlled. Yes, that was the toughest fight,” he adds of the resolute clash by changing the direction of an attack, catching the opponent off guard and ending up falling on his back.

Ever since the Olympics, Jorge Fonseca has been preparing techniques that are different from what everyone fears and expects of him, and there’s nothing better than to start using them on the less demanding European circuit. “I train in new techniques to be able to surprise the main opponents. Out of two, there is one who came out against the Serb [meia-final] after scoring wazari. Now is the time to work on them. The more tests I perform to make myself confident in these attacks that I have prepared, the better it will be for me,” Fonseca said.

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