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Street Fighter 6 was one of the big surprises in the Capcom Pro Tour 2021: Final of the season, tournament which took place in the early hours of February 21. The sequel to the famous fighting franchise only received a teaser ad, but it was enough to ignite fan expectations. However, despite the lack of information, given the trajectory of street fighter 5, it is already possible to imagine possible steps for the future of the series. In this spirit, the Tech Tudo listed, in the following lines, five things that cannot be missing in Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter 6 was announced with Ryu and Luke in the first teaser – Photo: Disclosure / Capcom

It is essential that Street Fighter 6 is also released on Xbox, without exclusivity on the PlayStation and PC of its predecessor. When street fighter 5 was announced in 2014, it was one of the first confirmed information, because the game was even financed by the sony. With that in mind, the fact that Street Fighter 6 still has no platforms revealed could be a good sign for console owners. Microsoft.

Popular characters like Juri, Akuma, G and Sakura also have a chance to enter Street Fighter 6 — Photo: Reproduction/Bruno Magalhães

Return of beloved characters

Although street fighter 5 closed its roster with 45 playable fighters, some absences were felt by the community. Therefore, it is to be expected that beloved characters such as Makoto, Dudley, Fei Long, Guy, and C. Viper will feature in the new game. It is worth remembering that the capcom promoted a popularity poll in 2017 that served as the basis for selecting certain fighters for future games in the franchise. It would not be surprising if the results were reused.

There is also a good chance that newcomers street fighter 5 as Laura, G, Menat, and Ed return in the new game. One indication of this is the fact that Luke, an unreleased fighter who arrived last season, is already confirmed with a starring role in the series’ new title.

Luke debuted in Street Fighter 5 and is already confirmed in the sequel – Photo: Disclosure / Capcom

street fighter 5 isn’t particularly known for having a good online mode. Even the flaws in this aspect of the game have even made its community work on parallel solutions. Therefore, it is to be expected that the development team has figured out how to apply the so-called netcode rollback effectively, as well as the importance of using technology to provide a quality online experience.

It is also essential that Street Fighter 6 maintains the multiplayer mode cross play, one of the greatest successes of its predecessor. Technology, which allows matches between different platforms, is essential to unify the player base and allow everyone to have fun.

Street Fighter 6 brings more realistic visuals and remains without a release date — Photo: Disclosure / Capcom

It’s true that a good online ecosystem is primarily responsible for a fighting game’s survival, but Street Fighter 6 can’t make the mistake of its predecessor and leave out casual gamers. Therefore, the game must guarantee access to modalities such as Arcade and History upon launch. Additionally, it’s essential to highlight content that can only be found in offline modes, such as exclusive bosses, well-designed and animated endings, among other possibilities.

According to capom, Street Fighter 6 aims to take the fighting game genre to a new level in eSports. The problem is that this can become a problem if the game is limited to a very specific niche in fighting games. It is important that the company also observes work such as NetherRealmStudios with Mortal Kombat 11which brings robust single-player content to fans, to balance the scales.

Capcom promises more Street Fighter 6 news for mid-2022 — Photo: Disclosure/Capcom

Free access to new characters

The formula of content seasons via DLC is already well established in the industry and will hardly be practiced in fighting games. However, street fighter 5 hit the nail on the head by also allowing free access to characters using a currency called Fight Money. In summary, in the game it is also possible to acquire new fighters, scenarios and cosmetic items for amounts of currency, without the need to buy DLC. This possibility would also be welcome in Street Fighter 6.

This format, it should be noted, is very reminiscent of a game free to play and indicates that the capcom he would study to get out of his comfort zone. A good reason to go with the idea is the Project L releasefighting game riot games which is expected to hit the market in 2023. If it follows the trend of competitive gaming in the league of legends and ValoranyouProject L should also be free and promises to shake up the fighting games with a more accessible proposal.

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