United have been beaten up by City and there are those who are in no doubt: ‘It’s embarrassing…’


The response given by the “red devils” to the third goal of the “citizens” has been criticized.

Manchester United left the Etihad Stadium beaten by Manchester City on Sunday, 4-1, in a Premier League 28th round game in which they even reached half-time with everything open (2-1 at City, with a brace from Kevin de Bruyne – Jadon Sancho scored for United).

However, the second half belonged to the Citizens, who ended up fixing the final result with a brace from Mahrez. The display of the team led by Ralf Rangnick, especially after the 3-1, was the target of several criticisms, including that of Gary Neville, former player of the “red devils” and current commentator of “Sky Sports”.

“Manchester United’s response to the 3-1 was embarrassing. 92% possession for City? They gave up. They walk around the pitch. It’s not enough. The score is not the problem. The answer to the 3-1 is what it is. They threw in the towel,” he began by saying.

“City played brilliantly in the second half, but United’s effort and intensity in the last 20 minutes just wasn’t there. No complaints, City were magnificent, especially in the second half. But as a Manchester United fan, it’s embarrassing.” Last 25 minutes was a disgrace,” Neville concluded.

Remember Cristiano Ronaldo was not in the derby, allegedly due to injury.

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