Video game companies have stopped sales in Russia and Belarus

VSeveral video game companies, publishers and producers have announced that they will suspend sales of the respective titles in Russia and Belarus, measures taken not only because of international sanctions but also to pressure the two countries into abandoning the current conflict in Ukraine.

President and Chief Operating Officer of ActivisionBlizzardDaniel Alegre, shared a message on official company blog where it is stated that the company has “suspended sales of new games while the dispute continues”. THE electronic artswhich has already removed Russia and Belarus from its sports games, also helped that “games and content, including virtual currency packs” will no longer be sold while the dispute remains active.

THE epic games also used twitter to share a similar post. “Epic will stop trading in Russia in our games in response to the invasion of Ukraine. We will not block access for the same reason that communication tools remain online: the free world must keep all open lines of dialogue.

Finally, the RED Project CDresponsible for ‘The Witcher’ and ‘Cyberpunk 2077’, admitted via the respective page on Twitter which “is working with partners to suspend digital sales and stop the supply of physical copies” in Russia and Belarus.

Also remember that the sony suspended sales in Russia of its latest exclusive – ‘Gran Turismo 7’ – and that the Microsoft also interrupted the sale of all your products.

THE nintendo was also not oblivious to this conflict, deciding to place its virtual eShop in Service mode. This decision was made “due to the fact that the payment service suspended the processing of payments in rubles”, so there are no predictions about its resumption.

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