“Were your expectations too high? … The most anticipated game of the year, “Elden Ring”, mixed ratings

Imagined with the participation of the original author of the game of the century “Game of Thrones”
Critics hailed it as “the greatest of all time”.
Difficult to play normally due to optimization issues

Fantasy action RPG game “Elden Ring”. programs offered

The “Elden Ring” RPG genre released late last month has inflated gamers’ expectations even before its release. Focusing on the RPG field for 30 years, it was an ambitious act by FromSoftware, famous for its “craftsmanship” in Japan, and George RR Martin, author of the popular American drama “Game of Thrones”, was also involved in the development. game industry, ranking first “game of the year”. In addition to the “Open World” element that guarantees user freedom, “Elden Ring” was praised for saying “this will be a game that can never fail”. FromSoftware is a soulful game (an RPG subgenre with features such as high difficulty, multiple main characters, and uncomfortable systems) that has remained in the genre for small enthusiasts of high-quality games such as the ‘Dark Souls’ series. ‘, Bloodborne and ‘Sekiro.’ He is a developer who has entered the mainstream industry.

However, the evaluation of the “Elden Ring” that has surfaced is quite mixed. While game reviewers praised the game for exceeding expectations, gamers also gave it harsh reviews, citing issues such as the PC version’s optimization making normal gameplay difficult.

A Long-Awaited Masterpiece… Raising Expectations with Raving Reviews

According to professional review site Metacritic in the third RPG’s Elden Ring (PS5 version) has scored an average of 97 points so far. Metacritical Capture

According to the game industry on the 6th of this month, the diagnosis of “Elden Ring”, which was presented as cross-platform as a PC and home video game console on the 25th of last month, is in the extreme.

“Elden Ring” is the main story plot of the protagonist who ventures into the “Land of Havens” with a dark fantasy world as a backdrop. Just before its release for general gamers, most critics who had already tried “Elden Ring” gave it generous reviews. This work has an average score of 97 (the PlayStation 5 version) on Metacritic, a review site, but only 23 games scored 97 or higher before “Elden Ring” was released. Another review company, OpenCritic, scored 96 points, a record score for the game. Regarding “Elden Ring”, the British newspaper The Guardian gave it a rating of “unsurpassed design and originality”, and the magazine of American video games Game Informer said, “Elden Ring is not the game of the year, but the best game of the year”. world. . Story. “.

Big optimization problem… “stuck to the point of not being able to play”

According to Steam DB, RPG Elden Ring took first place in number of concurrent users on Steam on the afternoon of the third day. Steam Database Website

Contrary to this positive reception from critics, players who have found “The Elden Ring” officially released are only expressing their disappointment. Immediately, high expectations turned from a quickly discovered serious flaw to disappointment and anger. “Elden Ring” immediately overtook “Lost Ark” on Steam immediately after its release and rose to the top of the concurrent user list. However, optimization issues that make the game difficult, as well as frame drops (screen stutter) hamper the “Elden Ring”. The bug still exists even on PCs with the recommended specs above, leading to criticism of an incomplete version of the game.

The developer has since acknowledged the issue and promised continued improvements, but player complaints have not diminished. As normal operation is still not possible in some sections of the PC version, some users are posting harsh reviews saying that they have been “fooled by critics” again.

In addition, there is a review where bad news is mixed, such as users who were unfamiliar with the spiritualist genre, who found “The Elden Ring” and were disappointed with the hard difficulty and left bad reviews. Over time after its release, “Elden Ring” has become a well-made game that has been developed by inheriting the strengths of FromSoftware’s previous work, but there are also criticisms that it still lacks popularity.

Masterpieces That Didn’t Live Up To Expectations… “Cruel Death” In The Video Game Industry

CD Project Red’s apology was left after a torrent of complaints about “Cyberpunk 2077”. Twitter screenshot

Faced with this situation, some wonder if the atrocities in the gaming industry (the higher the expectations, the greater the disappointment) are repeated. Indeed, it has become difficult to satisfy the eye level of gamers who have increased as they continue to release great games with astronomical budgets.

Even before “Elden Ring”, there were many matches where expectations turned into disappointments. Released in December 2020, “Cyberpunk 2077” has been cited as the best open-world game since its release. This is a new game released by CDPR, a Polish game developer who rose to the rank of top game company with “The Witcher” series. However, after the official release, due to bugs and unoptimized optimization issues, the game’s sales were suspended due to frequent bugs that made the game unplayable. The stock price plummeted more than 40% in a week after its launch, and the gaming company’s existence was rocked by widespread cashback, with investors even filing a class action lawsuit over the hype.

On the other hand, while the quality of the game was high, there was also some disappointing clunky plot work. The action-adventure game “The Last of Us Part 2” from the American company Naughty Dog was one of the most anticipated works of 2020. Thanks to the popularity of previous works, it won the “Game of the year” for his captivating game. story. However, it was kept away from users due to its unconventional method of storytelling, unlike previous works. The Last of Us Part II received an extremely high score of 93 on Metacritic, but its user score was only 5.7 (out of 10).

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