Clubs deplore scenes of violence in youth game and AF Porto ‘will not remain indifferent’

Sousense-Gondomar, among the juveniles, ended in clashes in the stands. The body will analyze what happened to take action. A woman was taken to hospital at the end of the game after several fans were involved in beatings. Some players also came on the bench to help family members.

The Under 17 (Youth) match between Sousense and Gondomar, to be played for AF Porto Division I, which took place at Estádio 1º de Dezembro, Foz do Sousa, ended with inconceivable scenes in a sports complex, especially since it was a match played by young people and attended, for the most part, by parents, family and friends.

The beating scenes were known from videos posted on the internet, where kicking and punching attacks can be seen among fans, with some people even falling on the stands. Confusion ensued around the pitch and even some players got involved, in a bid to help family members involved in the clashes.

Although the visitor Gondomar won 3-2, there were no signs of such an outcome, which was exacerbated when a woman, who was in the middle of the clash between the fans, fainted and had to be transported to the hospital.

On the Gondomar side, President Álvaro Cerqueira did not want to expand on the issue, but regretted the situation at O ​​JOGO. “I wasn’t there, I just saw the footage. It’s not right, one way or the other,” he explained.

Sousense issued a statement, in which he expressed “total rejection and detachment from any act of violence”. “It is unacceptable and unjustifiable to trigger the situation in the acts of violence that can be seen in the video recording. The club does not see itself in these acts, whether provoked or incited by Sousense supporters or from any other club, defending this violence should be banned from football,” the post read. “No athlete, coach or club official is involved in the incident. The club will investigate what happened internally and act accordingly,” added the Foz do Sousa emblem.

The Porto Football Association became aware of the incidents and its president, José Manuel Neves, assured O JOGO that the case would be analysed. “The Disciplinary Board will investigate what happened in the game, taking into account police reports and other identities, but AF Porto will certainly not be indifferent to the videos published and the whole situation,” he promised.

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