Fuel increase: How to use the Autovoucher and receive 20€ in your account?

The growth fuel price increase led the government to create the AUTOvoucher last year, which intended to pay taxpayers up to a maximum of 25 euros in five months (five euros per month) for fuel-related expenses.

From now on, in view of the new increases, the government will exceptionally return 20 euros in March!

To be able to benefit from it, the taxpayer must register on the AUTOvoucher (if you are already registered on IVAucher you do not need a new registration) and, in this way, accumulate, until the end of March a value of 20 euroswhich will not only match fuel consumption, but any type of purchase at a participating gas station (see below).

Although it was designed to mitigate rising fuel prices, the AUTOvoucher works based on the cost of the participating gas station (commodities such as tobacco, books, beverages, food, etc.) .

You can therefore consume at the service station any goods that will be entitled to the aforementioned reimbursement.

How are you going to receive the twenty euros?

You twenty euros that the government will return of this consumption at the service station will be credited to your account immediately after the first fill-up, even if it is only a litre, for example.

If you are registered with IVAucher, you do not need to re-register for the AUTOvoucher, as you only need to provide your VAT number.

In fact, you don’t even need a taxpayer number, just pay with the credit card you have associated with your account on the finance portal for the process to be validated. The process is automatic and the government credits the money to your account within 72 hours.

Easy subscription to automatic vouchers

In summary: just register for the AUTOvoucher on the government website/platform and pay with your bank card associated with your taxpayer number, at any participating gas station and immediately (one day or two later), you will receive 20 euros, extraordinary title in March.

See below the stations that adhere to the AUTOvoucher:

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