“I told Luis Díaz that I was going to give Panenka a penalty and he didn’t believe it”

Liverpool footballer Fabinho recalled this Monday, with former FC Porto Luis Díaz in the mix, Panenka’s penalty last Sunday, in the penalty shootout that earned the red the English League Cup victory.

The Brazilian midfielder assumed that he had in mind to hit the penalty this way in case the match went to the final tiebreaker and that, the day before the match, he had assured Luis Díaz that it would be so. Fabinho says the Colombian didn’t believe it but it actually happened and successfully.

“Last day [ndr: à final], I tried a Panenka, but it was just me and Luis Díaz and no goalkeeper. I tried to shoot like that and I told him: “If we go to penalties tomorrow, I’ll shoot like that”. He didn’t believe me (laughs), but when I went to get the ball, to take the penalty, I had in mind that I was going to shoot Panenka. It worked (laughs)”, declared Fabinho, in a press conference before the match with Inter Milan, at Anfield, of the second leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League.

“When you take a penalty like that, you have to be aware that if you miss, maybe you won’t be able to go to the locker room because everyone is going to kill you! (to laugh). But in my head, there was this: “I’m going to hit like this”, said the Liverpool player, during a press conference during which the coach Jurgen Klopp addressed the schedule and substitutions and the Premier League title fight against Manchester City.

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