LE BAL – “Abramovich saved my life” (Chelsea)

Former Chelsea football department observer Piet De Visser has come forward to defend Roman Abramovich’s position at the London club, saying the Russian millionaire has been instrumental in the growth of the club. the Blueswho has come under heavy criticism for his ties to Vladimir Putin.

“There was a time when I had to have heart surgery, followed by a diagnosis of esophageal cancer. I called Abramovich to tell him of my decision to end my career and he offered me a contract for another 10 or 20 years. It gave me a lot of strength and allowed me to recover on your yacht and in your hotel. It saved my life,” the former Chelsea scout said in statements to the newspaper. Dagblad Handcuff.

Showing himself totally against the Russian millionaire’s decision to sell Chelsea, Piet De Visser assures that this is not good news for Londoners. “He’s an important person for Chelsea and people sometimes have a bad image of him. It’s not driven by money, which is a big difference.”

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