Lost Ark surpasses 20 million players worldwide

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Published by Amazon Games, the game has not yet finished 1 month

Lost Ark surpasses 20 million players worldwide
© Amazon Reading/GamesLost Ark surpasses 20 million players worldwide

lost arkthe MMORPG of Amazon Games and smile holderrevealed last Monday (7) that the game surpassed the 20 million player mark worldwide, including 4.7 million in the first three days of release.

Released on February 11, the game hit that mark before it even reached the first month of life in the West – as the game was exclusive to the East a few years ago. Among the 20 million players, more than 10 million players come from South America, North America, Europe and Australia. On Steam, a record 1,325,305 concurrent players were recorded, the second highest in the history of the platform.

It should be recalled that recently Lost Ark Mass has banned over a million accountsshowing that they are actively working to maintain a healthy environment for all other players on the server.

Lost Ark is a free MMORPG game for PC available through Steam. The game is free to play, but it is also possible to purchase in-game items for real money such as starter packs and crystals.

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