More video game publishers have suspended sales in Russia and Belarus

THE Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has led two other major companies in the video game industry to take the decision to stop selling their titles on Russian and Belarusian territory.

After Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Epic Games and CD Projekt REDit was time for Ubisoft and Take-Two to take a stand in the conflict as well.

Ubisoft (‘Assassin’s Creed’ and ‘Far Cry’) made a post on its official blog where it explains that the reason for its decision is due to the “tragedy that is happening in Ukraine”. This interruption of Ubisoft game sales will, for the moment, only take place in Russia with regard to physical and digital copies.

Take-Two (responsible for the “GTA” series) has already decided to suspend sales in Russia and Belarus and explained this decision in a statement sent to the site. The edge.

“We have seen recent events in Ukraine with concern and sadness. After a thorough analysis, we decided last week to stop sales, installations and marketing support for all our labels in Russia and Belarus.

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