New color-coded DualSense controls have reinforced trigger springs

Controls are available in Nova Pink, Galactic Purple and Starlight Blue colors

If you are already the proud owner of a playstation5 and has been having fun for over a year with console-exclusive titles from sonyyou may have encountered a small problem during your journey: the controls.

Many owners of the latest console from sonyhave complained of problems with derivative on the analog sticks and triggers (which are one of the highlights of the DualSense), a few months or even weeks after purchasing the console. Obstacles that have hindered the enjoyment of many people. Corn sony replaced all controls that had a problem and has now implemented changes to the construction of your new controls.

The new DualSense from PlayStation 5 will bring stronger springs for the triggers compared to the original controls.

TronicsFixknown YouTuber who creates content related to hardware disassembly, posted a video on his channel demonstrating the strength of the new springs for the triggers, which should make it difficult to break or obstacles like those in the launch of the console. He also demonstrates in the video that changes have been made to the analogs, but it’s still unclear if these changes will fix the issues with derivative.

New controls for Playstation 5

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The new orders announced by Playstation are now available for purchase worldwide. You can find them in three colors: new pink (pink), galactic purple (purple) and Starry Blue (blue). In addition to these models, previously the Playstation had also announced The models Midnight Black It’s the Cosmic Red.

All models can be found in the largest retailers in the Brazilian market, such as American, Amazon and Kaboom.


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Source: TronicsFix

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