Pandemic affects sleep of 70% of Brazilians, study finds

The Covid-19 pandemic has not only affected the routine of those who had to stay home during the day. The night of millions of Brazilians has also been impacted. According to a research conducted by the Sleep Institute70% of the Brazilian population had difficulty sleeping during the health crisis.

The causes of sleepless nights reported by study participants are diverse. They range from concerns about the effects of the pandemic to greater exposure to computer and cellphone blue screens. The survey brought together 1,600 people from 24 states across the country.

In the “new normal”, spaces for socializing and recreation have become scarce. Work and studies are added to household chores. And almost everything started to be done indoors, often in the same environment used for sleeping. Adding all of this to the negative news related to the disease, a perfect cocktail for poor sleep has been produced.

Those who suffer the most from this stressful environment are people who need time and space to carry out their activities in a healthy way, such as those with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

“People with ADHD need space, activities that stimulate them, physical exercises and group activities that make them expend energy”, explains the businessman Jonathan Tebaldi, reached of ADHD. He recalls that children and adolescents with this disease were under high stress with online courses and social isolation measures.

The change in routine during the pandemic has caused people to take longer to fall asleep and wake up more often during the night, according to a Sleep Institute study. Complaints related to nightmares and discomfort during the day also increased.

Sleep deprivation can cause problems like irritability and poor memory. In addition, it increases the predisposition to the development of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and infertility.

“By sleeping better, it is possible to have a restful, invigorating and peaceful sleep, which will affect the activities carried out the next day, the level of stress, the mood, the reasoning and the memory”, explains Tebaldi.

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To sleep well, it is important to maintain a healthy routine and a balanced diet. experts recommend avoid taking stimulants such as caffeine and practicing physical exercises before bedtime. It is also recommended to avoid alcohol consumption and opt for light meals at dinner time.

Another fundamental practice for good sleep is what has been called “sleep hygiene”. The term refers to habits that provide more pleasant nights, such as leaving the cell phone away from the bed, logging off from work, and keeping the lights off and a quiet environment.

An alternative that has been adopted by people who feel more restless before bed are nootropics, drugs produced with natural compounds that intensify brain function. Although most of these drugs are used for daily activities, such as improving concentration and memory, there are already compounds on the market that focus on the opposite effect: allowing the brain to rest. .

“These substances show improvements in brain functions, acting to intensify them, improving mood, concentration, memory and, consequently, sleep,” explains Tebaldi. The entrepreneur created Genius Sleep, a sleep nootropic already registered by Anvisa.

Many nootropics are indicated for people with ADHD. For this reason, a formula designed to improve sleep can help those most affected by awake stress. “The main difference from other types of substances is that it does not cause any type of unwanted side effects or addiction, because it is a natural dietary supplement and not a controlled drug”, complete Tebaldi.

In cases where difficulty sleeping becomes constant, it is important to consult a doctor. According to the Instituto do Sono, three nights a week with difficulty sleeping, for at least three months, even with conditions conducive to sleep, is a sign of insomnia that requires professional monitoring. For cases like this, it is important not to self-medicate.

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