Parents and athletes implicated in beating at Under-17 game in Gondomar

The duel between the youth teams of Sousense and Gondomar, on the morning of last Sunday, ended in scenes of beatings in the stands between parents and, consequently, some athletes.

According to Jornal de Notícias, which published images of the incidents in Foz do Sousa, at Estádio 1.º de Dezembro, in the municipality of Gondomar, parents of athletes exchanged insults on the bench with more than 50 supporters. The exchange of words then turned into aggression, with kicks and punches.

With the confusion set in, and as the JN video shows, at least some Gondomar players went to the bench and were also in the midst of the confusion, but ended up pulling out soon after. The two elements of the National Republican Guard present, reports the same newspaper, could not prevent the disturbances, and there were no arrests. A woman was slightly injured and taken to hospital.

Monday evening, Sousense reacted in an official note via social networks, by its president, Pedro Carvalho, expressing “total rejection and distance from any act of violence”.

“Regardless of the motivations that preceded the incidents, it is unacceptable and unjustifiable to trigger the situation in the acts of violence that can be seen in the video recording (…). It is further noted that no athlete, coach or club official is involved in the incident and that Sousense officials were prepared to work with authorities to appease the hosts involved and identify those responsible for the incident. the situation,” Sousense said.

On the field, the match ended with the victory of the Gondomar team, by 3-2, in a match counting for the 21st round of the 2nd series of the 1st division under 17 of the district.

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