Private clinics are planning a flu shot this month – 07/03/2022

Private clinics in São Paulo intend to start by the end of March influenza of 2022. Some units are already making an appointment for the start of the application at home from the 25th. In the public network, the campaign usually starts in April, but the Ministry of Health is studying to anticipate. The new vaccines are tailored to the Darwin strain of the virus, which caused an outbreak of cases in Brazil late last year.

In a note, the ministry said it had already contracted 80 million doses of vaccines from the Butantan Institute. Ten days ago, the São Paulo agency anticipated the delivery of the 1st batch of vaccinations against flu (influenza) this year, with 2 million doses.

Vaccination in the public network aims to immunize the groups most at risk, in particular people aged over 60, children under 6, pregnant women, postpartum women, people with comorbidities, natives , health and education professionals, among others. About 70% of deaths from the disease are in these groups.

The national campaign will have 80 million doses, half of which will be delivered by the end of March. The rest should be delivered at the end of April, according to Butantan. As the vaccine has been updated for the new strain, doctors recommend that even those who took the vaccine in late 2021 seek out a health post or clinic.

The vaccination clinic is already sending patients information for home appointments. Applications will start from March 25. For advance payment, the cost of the dose is R$100. After the arrival of the vaccine, the cost of the request must vary between R$130 and R$160.

Dasa, an integrated health network, which brings together more than 900 units across Brazil, plans to launch the campaign against influenza this year between March and April. As soon as it starts, the interested party can go to a unit or program the application at home.

The CBD also intends to launch the vaccination campaign against influenza between late March and early April. According to the laboratory, it will be possible to schedule an application at home, as well as to attend the unit on Avenida Brasil, in Jardim Paulista, in the south of the city of São Paulo – with or without prior appointment. .

Grupo Fleury informs that it will have the updated version of the Darwin strain inclusion, but still does not have a date set to start providing the service.


“Influenza causes annual epidemics with peaks during the fall and winter months, causing 1,000 to 3,000 deaths and approximately 6,000 cases of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), one of the serious forms that occurs also manifests in covid-19”, explains Isabella Ballalai, vice president of the Brazilian Society of Vaccinations (SBIm).

Last year, the flu vaccination campaign started in April and lasted until September due to low compliance. The remainder was 72.1% of the target audience vaccinated, but the federal government’s goal was to have 90% of the priority group vaccinated.

Also according to the Ministry of Health, vaccines against covid-19 can be administered simultaneously with other vaccinators or at any interval in the population over 12 years of age. Children between 5 and 11 years old must wait a period of 15 days between vaccination of the coronavirus and other vaccines.

The information comes from the newspaper. State of Sao Paulo.

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