The average price of petrol 95 is almost €2/litre. Where is it cheaper to certify?

O the beginning of the week was marked by the sharp rise in fuel prices, which led to the average price of simple petrol 95 at nearly two euros per liter (€/litre) on Mondayaccording to the most recent data from the Directorate General for Energy and Geology (DGEG).

On Monday March 7, the average price of simple gasoline 95 was from €1,917/litrewell above €1,838/litre on Sunday.

In case of single-dieselthe average price on Monday was €1,812/litrealso above the €1,682/litre recorded the day before, according to data from the Online Fuel Prices platform.

Now depending on the platform more gasolinea site that aggregates information on fuels provided by consumers, with the price increase observed at the start of the week, “only single diesel does not yet have a filling station above two euros per liter. The most expensive have a value of 1,999 euros”.

Up-to-the-minute news Evolution of the prices of simple diesel (in purple) and simple 95 petrol (in yellow)© Reproduction of the DGEG website

Where is it cheaper to certify?

According to the most recent data from the DGERT, these are the most economical positions in the country:

Up-to-the-minute news The five most economical gas stations in the country for gasoline and diesel© Reproduction of the DGEG website

Fuel prices soared this week, both in the United States and Europe, to the highest levels in a decade, on fears of a decrease in supply, triggered by the Russian invasion of the Ukraine.

The government announced, on Friday evening, a set of measures valued at more than 165 million euros and aimed at mitigating the impact of this increase in fuel prices, including the increase of the AUTOvoucher discount from five to 20 euros and maintenanceuntil June 30, the reduction of the FAI on gasoline and diesel and the freezing of the carbon tax.

Also announced were the extension for a further three months of support for taxis and buses (now paying 30 cents per liter of fuel, instead of 10 currently), the allocation of 150 million euros of revenue from the Fund for the environment to the national electricity system to the reduction in the tariff for access to the networks and to the increase in individual aid for the purchase of electric vehicles from three to four thousand euros, while the annual amount will increase this year to 10 millions of euros.

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