‘The Kaito Files’ DLC is coming in March – JBox

THE SEGA announced that judgment lost will get a DLC, “The Kaito Files”in March 28bringing an additional story divided into four parts. judgment lost is the sequel to judgement (2018) – in turn, a spin-off of yakuza (Ryu-ga Gotoku) – and was released worldwide in September 24for PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

In the game, detective Takayuki Yagami is hired to investigate a murder mystery in Yokohama.

The protagonist is inspired and interpreted in Japanese by the actor and singer Takuya Kimuramissing boyband member SMAPwhich earned the game the nickname Kimutaku ga Gotoku – a coat rack of the idol’s nickname among fans, “Kimutaku” (from Kimufrog takuYes and Ryuu ga Gotokuthe Japanese name of yakuza.

A supposed disagreement between the SEGA and the agency of Kimutaku, the Johnnywas the start of rumors that this would be the last game of judgement.

Source: ANN

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