Benfica HBC Nantes Handball EHF European League


THE Benfica handball teamalready qualified, closed this group stage with the French team of HBC Nantes, at the Pavilhão n.º 2 da Luz, with a victory, by 31-30, in the 10th round of group B of the EHF European League.

In the field, the The Gauls started very strongwith a aggressive defensean Emil Nielsen inspired between the posts and deadly counterattacks which created a gap in the result between Benfica and HBC Nantes. Gradually the eagles define their gamebegan their recovery through several goals on the 6 meter line, provided, again, with a giant Sergey Hernández in the goals. THE the second half of the first half was balancedHow? ‘Or’ What interval arrive with HBC Nantes in front of a goal: 15-16.


O the balance remained at the complementary stagein a big handball match, with uncertainty on the scoreboard and with beautiful moments in the four lines. In Benfica the highlight is the 6 meter linewith the wingers (Ole Rahmel and Jonas Källman) with a warm hand, and for the effective defensive line, well led by Sergey Hernández; the HBC Nantes, with a team full of individual talents, had fewer counterattacks, but remained dangerous in the continuous attack. A goal from Lazar Kukic seconds from the end took the Pavilion Luz n.º 2 (which has always had an excellent environment to support the team) to madness and made the eagles triumph, 31-30who ensures the 2nd place in Group B.

Benfica finished this phase of the European competition with 15 points in the standingsand go to Round of 16, where they will face Fenix ​​Toulouse, back and forth, on March 29 (away) and April 5 (at home).

Next Saturday, March 12, there is a new match, with ADA Maia, at the Municipal Pavilion of Maia, counting for the quarter-finals of the Portuguese Cup.



Chema Rodríguez (Benfica coach): “It was an extraordinary match. To be able to beat Nantes at home is brutal, because they are a Champions League team. We drew in France, we won today [terça-feira], in such a difficult game. What the team and the players have done is extraordinary. We have players sick with the flu. We made a big effort. Benfica’s values ​​are to work, to suffer, to fight, to give everything 100%. What can never be missing is the fight, the delivery, the work and the team spirit. It is the hallmark of Benfica and of handball. The fan support was amazing! This victory was due to them. Thank you very much for your support. We are here to work for them.”

Sergey Hernandez (Benfica goalkeeper): “I think we played the best games, both on the pitch and with the fans in the stands. We like to feel the warmth of the fans and feel the badge of the club we represent. We need that to reach our goals. goals. We are working, we continue to dream. I speak for myself. , I would like to play in the last four, but let’s see how far we can go. The word that best represents these supporters and the Club is passion. ‘ve never seen that anywhere else.”


Benfica-HBC Nantes
Pavilion No. 2 da Luz
Benfica’s starting line-up
Sergey Hernandez, Jonas Källman, Petar Djordjic, Lazar Kukic, Alexis BorgesOle Rahmel and Rogerio Moraes
Gustavo Capdeville, Mahamadou Keita, Paulo Moreno, Carlos Martins, Belone MoreiraLuciano da Silva and Francisco Pereira
on break 15-16
Benfica goalscorers
Ole Rahmel (8), Lazar Kukic (6), Jonas Källman (5), Alexis Borges (4), Petar Djordjic (4), Rogério Moraes (2), Paulo Moreno (1) and Bélone Moreira (1)

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