Do you want to bet on sustainability and live in a “green” house? follow these tips

The future of the planet must be sustainable – and this covers the most varied sectors. Sustainable buildings will be one of them and, according to CBRE, an increase in their demand is expected this year. In this area, there are environmental and sustainability certifications such as BREEAM, LEED and LiderA.

If you want to bet on sustainability and live in a “green” house, there are certain aspects to take into account. Whether you want to build a house or work on your own, GesConsultcompany specializing in the management and supervision of works, presents five ecological aspects to be taken into account:

project location – It is important to study the typology of the land and the existing environment, in order to adapt the construction as much as possible, guaranteeing a lower ecological footprint;

materials choice – In a “green” house, the choice of raw materials tends to favor those from sustainable production or from recycled sources. So when making decisions, going the sustainable route involves considering the right materials;

Thermal insulation – Investing in adequate thermal insulation of floors, walls, ceilings and even windows increases the energy efficiency of a house, in addition to saving money for the wallet;

reuse systems – The integration of equipment and solutions that make the most of renewable energies, such as solar panels, make it possible to invest in long-term reuse;

Waste and energy management – The adoption of materials and water management systems in the home contributes to reducing the negative effects on the environment and avoids the excessive consumption of resources that are limited.

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