FIFA eliminates Russia from World Cup, qualifies Poland and Ukraine to play in June


The entity guaranteed to have communicated the measures after consultation with UEFA and the football associations of the countries concerned.

FIFA announced on Tuesday that Russia had been eliminated from the play-offs for access to the 2022 World Cup, and the consequent qualification of Poland in the final of this one, and postponed the semi-final between Ukraine and Scotland in June.

The measures taken by the body that manages world football are motivated by the war provoked by the Russian army on Ukrainian territory, starting at dawn on February 24.

Thus, Poland, qualified for the next stage of the play-offs, will face Sweden or the Czech Republic, while Ukraine, whose duel with Scotland was scheduled for March 24, will have more time to prepare.

Difficulties to “travel and train for a national team under the current circumstances” on Ukrainian soil led to the decision “approved unanimously, out of solidarity”.

In announcing more sporting consequences arising from the dispute, FIFA assured that they had been taken and revealed after consultation with UEFA as well as the football associations of the countries concerned.

FIFA and UEFA, we recall, had already decided last week to exclude Russian teams and national selections from all competitions, a sanction which the eastern federation will appeal to the courts.

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