GTA 6 | A fan visits the Rockstar Games office in London and discovers information

GTA 6 is eagerly awaited by fans of the rock star gamesto the point of taking some players to the company’s studios, to try to find a clue about the game, and it seems that this search was worth it.

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The user Rob (@ROBHADDReal) shown in Twitterwho had traveled to London visit the workshop rock star gamesthe user discovers several stickers with the producer’s logo scattered around the city.

What supposed information did this fan discover about GTA 6?

GTA 6 can take place in Vice City.
GTA 6 can take place in Vice City.

However, what caught this fan’s attention rock star games was it in the producer’s studio window at London (Rockstar London) was an article written “I’d rather be in Vice City.”

Of course, that might not mean anything, but with the rumors claiming that city ​​of vice could be the next city Grand Automatic Flight 6Here is another strong clue to add to all the rumors that are already circulating on the internet.

Likewise, the sentence “I’d rather be in Vice City.” may be an adaptation of ‘I’d rather be in Miamiwhich is used in many souvenirs sold to tourists in Miami at Floridathe parody town of city ​​of vice in the universe of Grand Theft Auto.

In short, GTA 6 (Grand Theft Auto VI) is in production at rock star games and must be returned to PlayStation 5, Xbox series S/X and windows computer.

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Source: ROBHADD Real

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