Many companies are leaving Russia, but which are they staying? – Executive summary

Since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, more than 300 companies have announced that they will abandon the Russian market, close shops and cease operations in the country. However, some companies have decided to continue in this market.

Yale University, a private American higher education establishment, has identified dozens of companies particularly exposed to Russian markets. So they decided to prepare a listing with companies that have left and remain active in Russia, this list is updated daily by Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and his research team at the Yale Chief Executive Leadership Institute.

Herbalife, for example, has not yet made the decision to leave the country and derives 3% of its revenue from the Russian market, which represents approximately 135 billion euros in turnover for the company. This market also represents a considerable slice of revenue for Mondelez, which has not yet made the decision to leave Russia, which represents 3.5% of its turnover, a value exceeding 900 billion euros.

The hotel chains Hilton (29 hotels), Intercontinental (26 hotels), Accor (55 hotels) and Marriot (10 hotels) are still open in Russia, with no intention of leaving this market.

3M currently has about 600 employees working in Russia and has made no decision to leave the country, like Grupo Bimbo or Whirlpool.

Note: This list is updated daily

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