Saúde na Escola reissued for 1,700 children and adolescents in Cachoeira

Public health and education representatives gathered at the Ministry of Health headquarters for the first meeting of the 2022 cycle of the School Health Program (PSE). The meeting mobilized employees from Smed, the 24th Regional Education Coordination and the Health Department, including specialized services such as Outpatient Life, Epidemiological Surveillance, the Crescer Saudável Program and the Psychosocial Care Center for children and young people (Caps i), which should support, during the year, the various actions planned by the planning of the intersectoral technical group. “The health team has been reinforced to increase our agenda given the challenges posed also by the coronavirus pandemic,” explains PES coordinator Deise Ourives Pereira.

The objective of the program, developed by the federal government, is to contribute to the integral formation of students through actions of promotion, prevention and health care, with a view to dealing with the vulnerabilities that compromise the full development of children and young people. in the public education network. In Cachoeira do Sul, 10 schools have joined the PSE, bringing together managers, education and health professionals, as well as the entire school community from different regions, around encouraging healthier habits and improve the quality of life of approximately 1.7 thousand elementary schools. students.

At the opening meeting of the semester, the technicians evaluated the results obtained in the previous cycle and, based on the conclusions and suggestions raised, promoted the update of the annual plan, which already defined the joint formation of the teams for the next 30. “One of the demands put forward by professionals is that more and more work be done on the interaction of parents, with pupils, in educational actions”, underlined the coordinator.


And it is within the framework of this suggestion made by the faculty of the program, that the municipal secretary of health, Marcelo Figueiró, suggested during the meeting that the PES be the main ally of the portfolio to increase the incentive for the vaccination of children and adolescents in schools. “We want to lead the fight against Covid-19 in schools, to dialogue and convince parents of the benefits of vaccination and, thus, to extend the vaccination belt to Cachoeira”, proposed Figueiró. The intention of the holder of the SMS is to organize meetings where nurses and epidemiological surveillance professionals can clarify the doubts of families, especially reassuring about the reactions that may occur after the application of the vaccine, in an educational action involving the school communities. Figueiró explains that the next step is to meet with the heads of Smed, the deputy mayor Angela Schuh, and the 24th CRE, Elaine Dalcin, in order to define the schools that will be integrated into the initiative, in addition to those already engaged in the EPS.


* Promoter ESF/EMEI Sacred Heart of Jesus

*ESF Carvalho/EMEI Cristo Rei

* ESF2/EMEF Dora Abreu

* ESF Noêmia/EMEI Sonho Meu

* ESF Barcelos/EMEI EMMA by Bem Garcia

* ESF Tupinambá/EMEI Nossa Senhora Aparecida

* ESF Tupinambá/EEEF Juvêncio Soares

* EAP Central/EEEF Angelina Salzano Vieira da Cunha

* EAP Urban Social Center/EMEF Milton da Cruz

* EAP Marina/EEM Virgilino Jayme Zinn.


– Fight the dengue mosquito
– Promotion of physical activity practices
– Prevention of the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs
– Promotion of food security and prevention of childhood obesity
– Prevention of Covid-19
– Promotion of oral health

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