Season 6 arrives this Wednesday; discover the trailer

THE Psyonix announced that the 6th season of Game Rocket League launches this Wednesday (9) and a new trailer provides more details.

The new season will bring new things like the addition of a new Neo Tokyo map, which will transport players to an arena with a comic book aesthetic. Features for car decoration, new challenges and a new Rocket pass to buy will also be added.


watch the trailer cinematic of the new season of Rocket League:

News of the new season, published by Psyonix in a post on Blog game official:

“This season’s Rocket Pass is tighter than a clown car. Merc Hitbox fans, rejoice! Let’s cruise across the country in the Nomad inflatable van, full of Well Traveled sticker travel decals. Be careful when navigating the canals – the mysterious Nomster is spreading rapidly through the game. We still don’t know exactly what he is, but he’s appearing in new wheels, an explosion of objectives and even a new antenna that kinda devours Nomad’s grid! That’s not cool Nomster, that’s not cool!”

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  • Variant Neo Tokyo (Comic): Neo Tokyo has been transformed into a comic book-inspired arena that will be available once Season 6 begins.
  • New Rocket Pass: The Rocket League Season 6 Rocket Pass will feature the new Nomad car and include items such as Nomster wheels, decals, a goal blast and more!
  • New limited time event: A new limited time event with an amazing new limited time mode will be available later in the season. More information will be revealed later.
  • Additional updates: Season 5 Competitive Rewards will be distributed shortly after the start of Season 6 and for more information on what’s to come next season.

The 6th season of rocket league arrives this Wednesday, March 9.

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