THE BALL – Battlefield: Querétaro with a heavy punishment (Mexico)

The first sanctions related to the pitched battle that took place in Mexican football are beginning to appear. This Tuesday, the Liga MX had a heavy hand with Querétaro, host of the match with Atlas which ended in brutal clashes.

The current management has been suspended for five years from all sporting activity, with the club being handed over to an entity elected by Liga MX which will manage the sale of the emblem. In addition, Querétaro will not play at La Corregidora stadium for a year, and during this period there will be no audience in the stands where the matches will be played. This last measure is still applicable to all levels and all teams, including women.

Finally, Querétaro won the defeat against Atlas (0-3) and will have to pay a fine of 64 thousand euros (1.5 million Mexican pesos).

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