The director of the Russian Space Agency threatened to destroy the International Space Station

Russia invaded Ukraine and, in addition to the war on the ground, lifted a blanket of sanctions and condemnations across the planet. This other war, that of the exchange of accusations, has also reached space, on the International Space Station (ISS). Following the developments, Roscosmos space agency director Dmitry Rogozin and former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly are trading barbs on Twitter.

In the heated exchange, Rogozin snapped “Go away, idiot! Otherwise, the death of the ISS will be on your conscience.”

The director of the Russian Space Agency threatened to destroy the International Space Station

The space partnership between Russia and the United States seems increasingly unstable. This joint effort has seriously eroded since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, prompting the United States and several other countries to impose new economic sanctions.

Russia also attacks with sanctions and threats of sanctions. One of them came from Russian space officers who decreed a ban on the sale of Russian-made rocket engines to American companies and stopped the launch of Russian-made Soyuz rockets from the spaceport. European Union in French Guiana, among other measures.

These measures mainly have an impact on the survival of the International Space Station.

Twitter accusations raise fears of end to Russia-US cooperation

Dmitry Rogozin, the head of Roscosmos - Russia's federal space agency - even questioned the nation's participation in the International Space Station program. Rogozin recently launched a series of inflammatory tweets - including some directed at former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly.

In a tweet posted on March 2, Dmitry Rogozin celebrated the removal of partner country flags from Russian rockets, proclaiming that the vehicles looked "prettier" without them, according to a Google translation.

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly responded Monday: Dimon (using a diminutive form of the name Dmitry) without these flags and the foreign currency they carry, your space program will be worthless.

Maybe get a job at McDonald's, if McDonald's still exists in Russia.

In an equally threatening tweet, NASA astronaut Garrett Reisman said Rogozin had always been a "fool".

Reisman also referenced Rogozin's 2014 threat to refuse to travel to the International Space Station on Russian rockets, in which the head of Roscosmos sadly declared that American astronauts would need a springboard to enter the space station. space.

The message left is peremptory, this decision of the Russian leaders fatally wounds Roscosmos and ends up with one of the rare sources of currency remaining for the country.

Remember that when your ATM is empty, you will soon need a trampoline.

Wrote Garrett Reisman in his tweet.

Rogozin is known for his grandiloquent declarations. However, it is extremely rare to see astronauts argue so venomously with a space officer in public. The online discussion is just the latest break in a pattern of growing backlash against Roscosmos and its leaders.

The head of the Russian Space Agency has worked to harness Russia's power in space as much as possible, as we have seen now with the interruption of engine sales Russians to American companies and refusal to launch satellites belonging to OneWeba company partly owned by the British government, on Russian rockets.

Now the target is the International Space Station (ISS)

Perhaps, knowing that the refusal to supply engines, as well as to send satellites into space is not an overriding sanction, since there are other alternatives, Roscosmos pointed batteries at the International Space Station .

According to recent events, the Russian agency is showing signs of wanting to abandon its role in the station after fulfilling its current commitments to reach the year 2024, a possibility that would fundamentally reshape the future of the station.

Rogozin bowed to the growing rancor between Roscosmos and its longtime collaborators, suggesting that Russia will need to develop its own independent human space program in the future.

Exaggerations seem to be the new norm and what is published has already entered a new level of slurs and insults.

Unfortunately, Scott Kelly, known for keeping a python in his house and feeding it live mice, isn't the only American astronaut to have been so rude. Some of the astronauts try to call the cosmonaut squadron members they know by yelling at them on the phone.

Accused Dmitri Rogozin.

Hatred of Russia exploded. In a way, it is even useful: some of our kind-hearted colleagues will lose stupid illusions. The bet on the creation of Russian national inhabited systems is now obvious to everyone.

In the exchange of words, there is the threat that the destruction of the ISS could stem from this discussion. In a tweet, which was later deleted, Rogozin told Scott Kelly, "Disappear you idiot! Otherwise the death of the ISS will be on your conscience."

The former American astronaut again urged Rogozin: "Dimon, why did you delete this tweet? You don't want everyone to see what kind of kid you are?"

The response didn't take long, "Mr. Scott Kelly! You are teasing me unnecessarily. We are unfamiliar, but me 'Dimon', although I know of no such treatment and I don't allow you to behave like this with me. . Being nurturing and destructive,” Rogozin tweeted on Monday, this time in English.

The tweet also ended with a sting:

I invite you to take an exam at the Brain Institute of our Federal Medical and Biological Agency.

Although the International Space Station has already announced its end, which will be in 2030, this lack of cooperation could lead Roscosmos to leave much sooner. In this sense, the ISS could end earlier. Possibly even entering the Earth's atmosphere in an uncontrolled manner.

However, with this threat of not providing engines for space actions, Elon Musk's SpaceX could be the answer.

On Friday, in response to the question raised by Rogozin about who could save the International Space Station if it descends wildly towards Earth, Elon Musk responded on Twitter with only an image of the SpaceX logo.

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