“And if Portugal were invaded, would we fight?

FORaulo Fonseca was one of many Portuguese who had to leave Ukraine in recent days, due to the Russian invasion.

In an interview with Italian daily La Gazzetta dello Sport, the Portuguese coach told how he spent his last days in Eastern Europe.

“We were scared. The children were sleeping in sleeping bags. My embassy organized a trip for three families and we went to Moldova. It was a terrible trip, 30 hours non-stop, with 5 kilometer lines and fighter jets flying over our heads. I only relaxed when we arrived in Romania,” the former Shakhtar Donetsk coach began by saying.

“My wife is still crying because we have friends and family in the country. Now, through the Portuguese federation, we are trying to welcome war refugees. It’s a small part, compared to the 2 million people who leave the country”, adding, immediately leaving a question in the air.

“It speaks when you are far away. What if Italy or Portugal were invaded? Would we fight? There is nothing more precious than freedom and now there are many countries in the fear. Georgia, Moldova, Poland… If Putin wins this war will be a big problem for the whole world,” he concluded.

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