Apple confirms the arrival of the stable version of iOS 15.4: know the main novelty

With iOS 15.4, you no longer need an Apple Watch to unlock your iPhone using Face ID while wearing a mask

THE Apple noted yesterday for the first time this year at an information-packed conference about the apple brand and its future. After showcasing four flagship products, press releases followed, giving more details about the company’s phones, tablets and other computers.

While everyone’s eyes were on Mac Studio and its Studio Display, Apple made other announcements that went more unnoticed. This is particularly the case for iOS 15.4the software update should reach the iPhone compatible next week.

Information provided by the teams of Tim Cook, but which did not remain long in our memories, because our minds were elsewhere while other advertisements were raining. But it is therefore a happy coincidence that iOS 15.4 arrives next week.

A funny situation when you know that the main novelty of this update must be the compatibility of the mask with the face identification. The option will therefore come at a time when the mask is about to no longer be mandatory… in almost all places.

iOS 15.4

However, with iOS 15.4, we no longer need an Apple Watch to use this feature. With this update, Face ID will be able to recognize you even if you’re hidden behind a mask. To achieve this, facial recognition is content with a partial scan of the face, focusing on the visible area. Face ID compares the top, including the eyes, with information from its database to unlock the iPhone.

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