Apple updates entry-level Mac Pro with 512GB SSD and new GPU

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After adding AMD’s new Radeon Pro W6600X with different GPU options for the Mac Pro yesterdayApple also took the opportunity to update the specifications of the entry-level version of its desktop computer, which now includes more storage and a new graphics card.

From now on, the base configuration of the Mac Pro, which goes out by trifle in BRL76,495 (Where $6,000in the United States), comes with a 512 GB SSD of storage, double what was included until then.

The Radeon Pro 580X graphics card has been replaced by the Radeon Pro W5500X, released in 2020 by AMD.

As for processor and memory, Apple’s pro machine still comes with the same 3.5GHz 8-core Intel Xeon W (turbo up to 4 GHz) and 32 GB of RAMan updated version of the current Mac Pro with new Intel chips.

Currently, the Mac Pro is the only product in Apple’s entire line of computers that has yet to be upgraded to Apple Silicon. However, that appears to be about to change, as yesterday Apple confirmed that it is working on the next generation of desktop computers with its own chips.

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