Arapongas Health confirms 18 cases of dengue fever

The municipal health department, through the control of endemic diseases, released this Thursday (10), the updated report on dengue in Arapongas. Positive cases of the disease have risen to 18. Notifications are at 294; 40 under investigation and 236 negative. In the last bulletin, from February 23 to March 2, there were: 278 notifications; 12 confirmed cases of dengue fever; 40 under investigation and 226 negative.

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Endemic disease control coordinator Valdecir Pardini warns of proper care. “Most of the cases are in the Conjunto Flamingos area. Cases have increased dramatically. Recommended that the population does not leave standing water and eliminate these deposits. The use of repellent is also important. During the passage of our teams with coastal ULV spreading, it is important that local residents open doors and windows”, he specifies.

Pardini also adds that the period of intermittent rains also contributes to the emergence of dengue mosquito epidemics. In addition, many people take advantage of the rains to store water, leaving containers unprotected. “The main thing is not to leave standing water. Everyone doing their part contributes to the fight against Aedes Aegypt,” concludes Pardini.

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