Birigui Health Department Promotes Joint Effort to Fight Aedes Aegypti Mosquito in 13 Neighborhoods

The Municipal Health Department of Birigui is carrying out an emergency mission against the Aedes aegypti mosquito in the neighborhoods that have recorded an increase in dengue fever cases this year. The action, which began this Monday (7) in Cidade Jardim, will cover 13 neighborhoods of the city.

The goal is to eliminate properties from possible breeding grounds for the mosquito that transmits dengue fever, chikungunya and the zika virus, in addition to reinforcing advice to residents on daily measures to prevent the proliferation of the insect. Old furniture, scrap metal and garbage are not collected.

This Tuesday (8), more than 30 community and endemic health workers, in addition to five supervisors, visited homes, businesses and vacant lots in the Ivone Alves Palma neighborhood, removing containers that could accumulate water .

This week the joint effort will take place in the neighborhoods of Thereza Maria Barbiere and Jandaia 3. The action will also take place in the neighborhoods of São Brás, Cohab 3, Residencial Aurora, Monte Líbano 1 and 2, João Crevelaro, Santana, Quemil and Quinta da Mata.


“We started this task force to control and even reduce suspected and positive dengue fever cases in this area of ​​the city. We are stepping up door-to-door actions by officers daily to prevent an outbreak of the disease,” said Health Secretary Cássia Rita Santana Celestino.

Officers are properly uniformed and identified with badges and bags, following all covid-19 health protocols. It is very important that citizens wear a mask to receive the agents and collaborate in the action, allowing professionals to enter for inspections.

“We ask for the collaboration of the entire population to avoid stagnant water in the sewers, unnecessary materials, and also to wash the animal drinking troughs with loofah and soap and fill the plant pots with coarse sand”, a directed the Chief of Surveillance and Vector Control Division, Aline Sagerato Lobato.


According to the Ministry of Health, the city has recorded 226 positive cases of dengue fever this year, with no deaths. 136 other cases are under investigation. No cases of zika virus, chikungunya and yellow fever have been recorded. In 2021, the municipality had 631 cases of dengue fever and one death caused by the disease.

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