Brazil again has the most expensive Apple products in the world

THE Apple introduced a new series of products during its event on Tuesday 8, and immediately updated its online store for the various markets where it is present.

It was from this moment that price differences began to circulate in the various territories and (unsurprisingly), it is in Brazil that the new products of Apple are the most expensive. This is something immediately apparent from the 64GB version of iPhoneSEwhich costs in Brazil 4,199 reais (equivalent to 760 euros), while in Portugal it can be purchased for 529 euros.

This price difference is also found in the newer ones ipad air, which in the Brazilian Apple Store is available at 6,799 reais (1,230 euros) and in Portugal costs 709 euros. There is also the basic version of mac studio together with M1 Ultra it can be purchased for 46,999 reais (8,503 reais) while in Portugal it costs 4,649 euros.

Finally, the monitor Studio display it will cost 17,999 reais (3,255 euros) if you want to buy it in Brazil, but in Portugal this new product can be purchased for 1,799 euros.

According to Examthe reason for these higher values ​​in Brazil is mainly due to the taxes levied in the country related to the import of goods, which is also justified by the devaluation of the real against the dollar.

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