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The Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika Epidemiological Surveillance Bulletin, released this Wednesday (9) by the State Department of Health (SES-MG), pointed out that 704 probable cases of dengue have been recorded in the Midwest of Minas Gerais; the previous bulletin indicated 450 cases. There are 254 more than in the previous bulletin.

According to SES-MG, cases recorded between January 1 and March 8 have been reviewed. So far in the region, there are 24 probable cases of chikungunya and no probable cases of Zika, according to the report.

Dengue fever

According to SES-MG, Nova Serrana has 210 probable dengue cases and is the city with the highest number of cases in the region. Then Bom Despacho appears with 180 probable cases.

Until March 8, Minas Gerais had registered 8,660 probable cases (cases notified, except those ruled out) of dengue fever. Of this total, 3,221 cases have been confirmed for the disease. One death has been confirmed and six other deaths are currently under investigation.

Zika and Chikungunya

According to SES-MG, 518 probable cases of chikungunya have been recorded. Of the total, 54 have been confirmed. So far, no deaths have been confirmed or under investigation.

Regarding Zika, 13 probable cases have been recorded in the state and one has been confirmed. So far, no deaths from the disease have been confirmed in Minas Gerais.

prevention and alert

With the onset of summer and the rainy season, SES-MG highlighted the importance of adopting prevention and control actions against the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits dengue, zika and chikungunya viruses. .

Also according to the dossier, during the analysis of the data, it was noticed that the first epidemiological weeks of 2022 do not show a very high number of cases. However, this factor does not exclude the risk of an epidemic during this seasonal period which began in December 2021 and extends until June 2022.

The volume of rain that Minas Gerais received in January can cause numerous breeding sites. The state coordinator for arbovirus surveillance at the SES-MG, Danielle Capistrano, spoke on the subject.

See dengue fever figures in all cities:

Probable cases of dengue, chikungunya and zika in the Midwest

Town Dengue fever Chikungunya Zika
to lower 20 1
bows ten
in good order 180 3
lamps 1
Capitol 21 of them
Carmo da Mata
Carmo do Cajuru 4
claudio of them
bottom stream
Divinopolis 37 3
Pains of Indaia 4
ant 34 11
Igaratinga 1
iguatama 3
Itauna 3 3
silver lagoon 16
Light 33
New Serrana 210
Oliveira 4
pains 3
parrots 13
stop the mines 30 1
pepper 6
Pitangui 7
Piumhi 22
Pumped 3
headquarters 5
San Antonio do Monte 9
Sao Goncalo do Para 23
Total 704 24 0

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